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Communicators’ Interpreters: Our 3 Pillars

Interpreters as “Communication Specialists”

At Communicators, we believe that “communication is the key to deepening mutual understanding.” That is why we position our interpreters not as mere “language” specialists, but as “communication” specialists.

Our communication specialists will help you overcome various cross-cultural challenges that you may face.

Through our extensive experience, we know that our clients require more than just language ability. In addition to language proficiency, interpreters also need to have the ability to convey the sincerity and kindheartedness of the speaker and the listener.

Our interpreting coordinators have cultivated strong, trusting relationships with the interpreters and work hand-in-hand with them. That is why we are able to take into consideration each interpreter’s performance, experience, fields of specialty, and personality to provide an interpreter that best fits your needs.

Training to Improve Field-Specific Skills

In 1997, we established Doyo Gakko, an interpreter training course, to ensure that we can dispatch communication specialists that have the skills required of them in today’s world.

In these classes held on Saturdays, we teach the fundamental theories of communication and provide guidance to improve our students’ working knowledge of English and Japanese in such fields as the environment, energy, information-communication, biotechnology, politics, and economics & finance. After 10 years since its founding, some participants still travel far distances to partake in these classes based on the communication theories of Dr. Mitsuko Saito.

The instructors, who are professional interpreters working on the front lines in various fields, introduce the latest information in cutting-edge fields and provide study sessions that look at the “big picture.” These activities help us assign interpreters who have a wide range of specialized knowledge.

High Quality Interpreters

Our communication specialists, who have acquired skills through our Doyo Gakko courses, are providing high quality services in various international situations such as at international conferences, symposiums, and seminars.

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