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The communication specialist approach. Dependable quality through communication between customers client-specific teams

Pursuing quality to satisfy our customers

A client-specific team of communication specialists will meet your needs.

Professional translation is not about mechanically replacing individual words into another language. Because translations last forever in written form, no details can be overlooked.

It is our mission at Communicators to provide support to customers as communication specialists, and we reflect this mission in our translation work by providing high quality services for any business situation and in diverse fields.

We offer you reliable and trustworthy translation service that is not only speedy and accurate but that also considers the “customer’s true needs.” Not only does our team of professionals have a plethora of proven experience, we provide services to meet client’s requests such as client-specific vocabulary management, extensive research, and other services.

Telephone: 03-3501-0171 (from overseas: +81-3-3501-0171)(Business Hours: 9:30a.m.~6:00p.m. (Japan time), excluding weekends and Japanese holidays)

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