Attendant Interpreting

We provide business interpreters that are experienced in various fields!

Business interpretation and escort interpretation

Please feel free to contact us in the following cases!

Business negotiations at exhibitions and trade fairs

Example: You have a booth at an international trade fair and want an interpreter to help support business negotiations with visitors from abroad

Example: You want to conduct market research at the exhibition

→ We will provide interpreters that fit your exhibition objectives!

Company introduction presentations

Example: You are making a company introduction presentation to clients visiting Japan from abroad, and are looking for an interpreter.

→ We also provide translation services for presentation materials and pamphlets required for your business! Please visit our translation page for details.

Visits (factory tours and market surveys, etc)

Example: You are looking for a Chinese interpreter for a client from China that is touring your factory.

List of exhibitions/trade fairs that we have worked at:

…and many others.


English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Arabic, etc.


Nuclear power, energy, environment, medicine, pharmaceutics, biotechnology, advertising, marketing, finance, economics, real estate, IT, communications, e-commerce, security, US-Japan relations, etc.