Communicators’ Interpreters

In order for your meeting requiring cross-cultural communication to be a productive and successful one, the selection of suitable interpreters, the assignment of an appropriate number of interpreters, the type of interpretation used, and arrangements for the use of optimal equipment are extremely important.

At Communicators, we take into consideration each interpreter’s performance, experience, fields of specialty, and personality, to provide you with interpreters that best fit your needs. Furthermore, our interpreting coordinators will assist you in choosing the appropriate type of interpretation and equipment in accordance with your specific circumstances.

Various situations

We offer interpreting services in various situations requiring cross-cultural communication.

  • Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation for conferences, symposiums, and seminars, etc.
  • Consecutive interpretation for courtesy calls and VIP escorts
  • Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation for in-house meetings, technological conferences, training programs, and visits, etc.
  • Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation for investor seminars, IR/international roadshows, etc.
  • Interpretation for business negotiations at exhibitions and trade fairs
  • Simultaneous broadcasting interpretation, prepared broadcasting interpretation

Types of interpretation

Consecutive interpretation

In this type of interpretation, the speaker pauses after several sentences at which time the interpreter interprets what has just been said. Therefore, the speech takes twice as long. This method of interpretation is suitable for conferences that require careful translation, courtesy calls, and VIP escorts. Normally, one interpreter is used for periods of up to 3 hours; for longer durations, two interpreters are used. In addition to the time for which interpretation is needed, the required number of interpreters also depends on the difficulty of the content, the program organization, and the specific situation.

Simultaneous interpretation

In this type of interpretation, simultaneous interpretation equipment is used to interpret the speaker’s words simultaneously. The speaker’s words can be conveyed to the listener simultaneously, thus enabling lively discussions, etc. Interpreters work in teams of two for periods of 2.5 to 3 hours; for longer durations, interpreters work in teams of three or four. As with consecutive interpretation, the required number of interpreters will depend on the difficulty of the content and the program organization, etc.

Whispering interpretation

The interpreter whispers a simultaneous interpretation to the person requiring interpretation. In some cases, whispering interpretation and consecutive interpretation are used together, or interpretation is performed using simple equipment, in accordance with the situation.

Services other than interpreter arrangement

Arrangements for simultaneous interpretation equipment and equipment required for interpretation

There are several systems in terms of equipment for simultaneous interpretation. In addition, we will need to determine whether permanent booths can be used, whether interpreting booths and operational space can be secured, and the most optimal location for the booth to be installed. We will also need to check what equipment is available at the venue and what equipment needs to be brought in, etc. Our interpreting coordinator and specialized engineer will suggest the optimal system for you to use, and help you with your selection of equipment.

Tape transcription (Japanese, English, Chinese) and creation of minutes (Japanese, English)

We also accommodate the recording of both simultaneous and consecutive interpretation as a record of the conference, transcriptions of recordings, and the creation of minutes based on the recordings, etc.

Interpreter training courses

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English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, etc.


Nuclear power, energy, environment, medicine, pharmaceutics, biotechnology, advertising, marketing, finance, economics, real estate, IT, communications, e-commerce, security, US-Japan relations, etc.