Communicators’ Translations

At Communicators, we also apply our beliefs of serving our clients as communication specialists to our translation work, providing high-quality translation services for various business settings and across a wide range of fields.

We aim to provide “reliable and trustworthy translation services” that are characterized by speed and accuracy, and also offer client-specific terminology management, extensive research, and enriched incidental services. An experienced and accomplished professional team consisting of a translation coordinator, translator, proofreader, and layout specialist is dedicated to each client and the team works together to provide services that cater to each client’s specific needs.

We will make the utmost effort to provide our clients with quality translations for their business needs.

Translation services

Services offered

  • Various types of translation

Incidental services

  • Proofreading by a native speaker
  • Layout adjustment
  • Direct speech translation
  • Preparation of English articles
  • Preparation of conference minutes
  • Data creation, printing, and binding
  • Contracting of research, etc.
  • Translation certification and document notarization, etc.

*We also offer tape transcription

Introduction of incidental services

Proofreading by a native speaker

Your English document will be checked for any grammar mistakes or unnatural language by a proofreader who is a native speaker of English, and edited so that it sounds natural and is appropriate for its intended purpose.

Preparation of English articles

We can also create English manuscripts without a Japanese manuscript for publications and pamphlets that need to be written in polished English. We will listen to your requests beforehand and create an article in accordance with your preferred style.

Teams dedicated to each client

A dedicated translation coordinator, translator, proofreader, and layout specialist are assigned to each field/client in order to maintain a high, uniform quality and so that client-specific terminology and expressions can be incorporated into the translations.

Working exclusively in a certain field or with a specific client will enable staff members to build upon knowledge in their respective fields and have a full understanding of previous translations and the background of the client, allowing them to work more efficiently/effectively.

Example of a translation team

Although some people may work in a combination of roles depending on the project, in general the following staff members will work together to advance each project:

Translation coordinator

The translation coordinator will act as a contact person for the client and will be responsible for everything from selecting appropriate translators that fit the client’s needs and supervising the progress of the work to delivery of the final translation.


A native speaker in the target language with extensive translation experience in various fields will translate your manuscript.


The proofreader will check the translation against the original for adequate expressions, terminology, and notations, etc.

Layout specialist

The layout specialist will adjust the layout of your document, such as a presentation manuscript or research report, as appropriate and deliver the final product. This work applies uniquely to translations, in which the character information content differs between the original and translated document.


English, Japanese, Chinese (simplified/traditional), Korean, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Burmese, Cambodian, Arabic, etc.


Nuclear power, Energy, Environment, Medicine, Pharmaceutics, Biotechnology, Advertising, Marketing, Finance, Economics, Real estate, IT, Communications, E-commerce, Security, US-Japan relations, Contracts, Legal documents, etc.