High Degree of Professionalism

Striving to be Communication Specialists

At Communicators, we position our interpreters as “communication specialists” rather than mere “language specialists.”

We believe being a communication specialist requires more than simple linguistic training—interpreters need to understand the roles required of them, have a cheerful attitude, be polite, work well with other interpreters, and pay attention to details in order to provide a level of service that our clients expect.

Our experienced interpreting coordinators will provide you with interpreters that best fit your needs and who identify with our beliefs regarding the role of interpreters.

High-quality interpretation in a limited amount of time

In broadcast interpretation, interpreters provide instantaneous or near-instantaneous interpretation, aiming to convey information received from overseas television broadcasts to viewers using accurate and appropriate expressions and in an easily understandable manner.

Features of broadcast interpreting

  1. Interpretation is provided to a general audience rather than to a specific group.
  2. Interpreters are unaware of the content of interpretation until they arrive on site, and are given limited or no preparation time.
  3. Interpreters must cover various fields centered on news, such as sports, entertainment, medicine, and arts.
  4. Interpreters must keep pace with fast-speaking newscasters, reporters, and program guests, who have no way of knowing that their words are being interpreted into Japanese across the ocean.
  5. As the interpretation is being broadcast as a TV program, the interpreter is required to speak in the same way as a broadcaster.
  6. Interpreters encounter issues in terms of expressions, such as taboo words.

At Communicators, we provide high-quality broadcast interpreting services that meet all of the above conditions and convey the necessary information to the viewer accurately, using appropriate and easy-to-understand expressions.

At Communicators, we train simultaneous broadcast interpreters that are required to have a broad range of expertise in addition to high technical capabilities.

We established Doyo Gakko (Saturday School), an interpreter training course, to train simultaneous broadcast interpreters in the necessary skills, centered on simultaneous and prepared interpretation training. We are also focused on training interpreters that are competent in economic issues, for which demand is high.