Temporary Staffing Service

Communicators’ Temporary Staffing Service

Communicators excels in dispatching temporary staff members who specialize in languages, such as interpreters and translators.

Our staff members take an active role in the office by making the most of their language activities, through interpreting and translating, handling e-mails written in English, creating English web pages, dealing with visitors from abroad, and so on. In addition to long-term temporary staffing, we also accommodate short-term staffing for events and exhibitions.

We often receive high praise from the companies to whom we supply our temporary staff members, who say that our staff members are “highly competent, friendly, and dependable.” In some cases, temporary staffing has led to long-term staffing and even full-time hiring.

We also offer recruitment opportunities that make use of “temp-to-hire staffing,” which allows employers to evaluate the fit of a candidate by using the staffing period as a trial period before making a hiring decision.

We shall continue our efforts to help find a perfect “match” between our customers and staff members.

Temporary staff employment process [Those looking to hire employees]

1. Inquiry

In the “Inquiry” field on the “Temporary staffing inquiry” form, indicate that you are seeking a temporary staff member.

At the preliminary meeting, we shall clarify the skills that you seek in the temporary staff member, as well as the staffing period and your budget, etc.

2. Selection and matching

Candidates matching your requests are selected, and we shall notify you of the results.

3. Order placement and orientation

After determination of the temporary staff member, we shall conduct an orientation for the staff member that includes business etiquette, etc.

4. Contract and start of temporary staff employment

The relationship diagram between the three parties (the customer, temporary interpreter or temporary translator, Communicators) in the case of a temporary interpreter or translator placement is shown on the left.

5. Follow-up

We shall issue a billing statement based on the attendance record of the temporary staff member. The temporary staff member’s wages, etc, shall be paid by Communicators.

After the start of employment, we would love to hear your feedback regarding the temporary staff member.

Temporary staff registration process [Those looking for work]

Who we are looking for!

People who want to make the most of their skills and experiences and take the next step forward in their careers

People who are looking for work that matches their lifestyles

People who have experience working as in-house interpreters or in-house translators, etc.

Step 1

Please fill out the registration form in detail, indicating your personal history and specialties, etc.

*The temporary staff registration shall be treated as provisional when the registration form is being filled out.

The temporary staff registration is complete after the interview in Step 3.

Step 2

Our temporary staffing representative shall contact you by e-mail or telephone.

The date for the interview in Step 3 shall be confirmed at this time.

*If you do not hear from our temporary staff representative after three days, there may have been an error in sending the registration form. In this case, please contact us at the number below:

Step 3

You will be asked to come to Communicators for the interview.

During the interview, we shall confirm the type of temporary staffing placement and the type of work that you seek, based on the content of your registration form.

Step 4

The temporary staffing representative shall notify you that the temporary staffing registration process is complete within a week from the interview.

We shall subsequently notify you of any work that fits your requests.