Diverse Expertise

At Communicators, we believe that your trust is our greatest asset, and thus, in order to protect the privacy of our valued clients, we do not reveal the names of our clients in our list of interpreting experiences.

For your reference, please find below a list of some of the conferences and exhibitions, etc, in which we have provided our services:

Conference Interpretation

  • Annual conference of the Japan Atomic Industrial Forum
  • OSART (IAEA Operational Safety Review Team)
  • International Nuclear Nonproliferation Science and Technology Forum
  • Northeast Asia Economic Forum, Power Summit, International High Speed Rail Conference
  • International Symposium on “Climate Change and Transport Strategy”
  • Asia Pacific Naval College Seminar
  • International Federation of Technical Analysts Conference in Tokyo
  • FOODEX (International Food & Beverage Exhibition)

…and many others.

Broadcasting Interpretation