Communication through Translation

Translation ≠ Word substitution

Since the written word lasts forever, we cannot cut corners when it comes to translating a text.

At times, translations may become materials based on which important business decisions are made.

At times, translations may provide warnings regarding dangerous work.

At times, translations may be messages that the client transmits to society.

We recognize that the documents you entrust to us are your valued assets, and we help ensure smooth communication by translating the information that you wish to convey as quickly and accurately as possible.

Our translations are much more than the simple and mechanical substitution of words.

We constantly update each client’s file as we work on our translations, in which we assemble the terminology, feedback, and instructions received from the client as well as in-depth research, etc.

Achieving Quality through Communication

In order to fully accommodate your requests regarding the intended purpose of the document, desired delivery date, and use of client-specific terminology, etc, a dedicated translation team comprising a coordinator, translator, proofreader, and layout specialist works with each client to maintain a constant level of high quality.

The decision of whether a translation is good or bad ultimately lies with the client. No matter how faithful or accurate the translation is, there may be subtle nuances that can only be determined by the client and client-specific terminology accumulated over many years that are difficult for us to figure out on our own. The translation is perfected by having the client look it over and make final decisions.

Our pursuit of quality continues after delivery of the translation

In order to further improve the quality of our translations, we incorporate the final data and instructions received from each client in a client-specific glossary, and use it for future work with the client. Communication between the client and the translation team leads to a lasting partnership.