Diverse Expertise

At Communicators, we believe that your trust is our greatest asset, and thus, in order to protect the privacy of our valued clients, we do not reveal the names of our clients in our list of translating experiences.

For your reference, please find below some examples of requested translations, as well as some examples of feedback from our clients.

Client demographics

Medicine/Home care, Advertising, Information and Communications, Precision equipment, Chemistry, Publishing, Electric Power, Medical equipment, Manufacturing, Transport, Pharmaceuticals, General contractors, Securities businesses, Hotels, General heavy equipment manufacturers, Land transportation, Insurance, Nuclear power, Industrial machinery, Defense, Gas, Retail, Office equipment, Apparel, Cosmetics, Music, Entertainment, General trading companies, etc.

Examples of requested translations

Various release manuscripts; International conference and event materials; Various presentation materials; Speech manuscripts; New product development materials; Advertising proposals and storyboards; Research data; Contracts; Patent materials; Dissertations; Financial statements; Websites; Company prospectus; Catalogues; Annual reports; Environmental reports; Product manuals; Personnel policies; etc.

Client feedback (excerpts)

Thank you for sending us the translation of the president’s message on such short notice. We really appreciated the quality of the translation and the natural expressions that were used. Thank you so much, and we hope to work with you again in the future.

-Precision equipment manufacturer

Thank you for your prompt response! We truly appreciate your detailed comments.

– Publishing company

We received the English translation of the presentation. Thank you for always responding so quickly. We really appreciate it.

– Advertising company

We received the translations. The attached comments were also very helpful. Thank you very much. We are grateful for your quick response.

– Information Technology

We have just finished 3 days of solid meetings with some of our Japanese clients, many of whom commented on the quality of the materials we presented.Many thanks for your continued support.

– Overseas law office

You are absolutely right (about the error in the original document)! I used the words declines AND lower, which is redundant. u r the star!

– Overseas publishing company

The layout of the presentation material was beautiful. Thank you so much!

– Local government

Thank you for completing the translations so quickly. The communication terminology was also accurately translated.

– Communications