Translation Service Flow

1. Inquiry

If you would like to submit an inquiry regarding our translation services, please click on “Contact Us,” and indicate the source and target languages, the content of the translation, the volume, and the desired delivery date, etc.

Inquiries for Translation Services

Call us at +81-(0)3-3501-0171 or Fax: +81-(0)3-3501-0175
Business Hours: 9:30am to 6:00pm Mon-Fri

Note: We accept inquires of United Kingdom visa application documents translation services requiring translation certificates above, but  if you are comfortable in filling out the inquiry form in Japanese, please use the dedicated form available here (we will be able to process your request faster).

2. Suggestions and estimate

Our translation coordinator shall present to you the most optimal terms and delivery date based on the topics and uses of the manuscript requiring translation.

3. Order placement

Once you agree to the terms and delivery date that we have presented and the order is placed, we will promptly arrange for a competent translator with extensive experience in various fields, who will start working on your translation.

For regular (repeat) clients, we essentially use the same translator/translation coordinator for future work, as they are familiar with the client’s needs regarding points of caution and terminology, etc.

4. Translation work

We will use proper nouns and technical terms that we deem to be most appropriate based on thorough research and after checking with the client. If you provide us with a terminology list of any fixed translations that you may have in advance, this will enable more efficient and effective translation.

We will adjust the layout of figures and charts, etc, in accordance with your requests and instructions. We ensure that the layout of the final translation will appear the same as the original manuscript upon delivery.

5. Delivery

We will deliver the final translation before the specified time and date. If you find any faults in the text, or have any questions/concerns after checking the document, please inform us as early as possible.

6. After delivery

After the client has approved the translation, a bill will be sent to the client.

Your manuscripts, translation data, and reference materials, etc, will be securely stored/destroyed.

We will manage the terminology files and points of caution, etc, for each client in case of future translations that you may require.

We would love to receive any feedback or requests regarding our translation work/coordination. We will use your feedback to further improve our translation services in the future.